Our founders

Mosac was formed when four mothers met through social services. All of them were raising children who had been sexually abused. They drew strength from each other’s shared experiences, and wanted the same support to be available to other families.

The history of Mosac

In 1991, four women were brought together by their shared experience of raising children who had been victims of sexual abuse. They met through a working group facilitated by Greenwich Social Services. As the women attended the group over several weeks, they realised the value of being able to talk to each other about their experiences in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

This environment helped these mothers to come to terms with what had happened to their children, and it enabled them to help their children recover from their own trauma with a more positive outlook. The impact on their families had been huge, and they wanted to share that with others.

On 10th September 1992, the Mosac Helpline was launched. It was covered by four women, five days a week, striving to support families suffering from the impact of childhood sexual abuse. 27 years later, Mosac is still providing that support and has branched out to offer other services including workshops for parents, training for professionals, therapy and advocacy.

“So warm, welcoming and accepting: such a life line when I desperately needed it.”

Mosac relies entirely on grants and charitable donations to support non-abusing members of families from across the UK who have been impacted by child sexual abuse

We offer life-changing services to support the non-abusing parents and carers of children that have been sexually abused. If you’d like to help us continue to offer these services, please make a donation.
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