Who we are

We are a dedicated team made up of trained volunteers, professionals and specialised therapists whose goal is to help non-abusing members of families heal after the impact of childhood sexual abuse.

Our values

We believe that all non-abusing parents and carers have the right to receive care and support through this difficult time. We have made it our mission to provide this support.

Our values define who we are and the services we provide.

Inclusive: Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome and treated equally.

Empowering: The participation, involvement and empowerment of all beneficiaries, staff, trustees and volunteers.

Compassionate: We go the extra mile to support the emotional and physical well-being of our clients.

Non-judgemental: Everyone we come into contact with is treated as an individual and we listen to our clients.

Excellent: We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service.

Professional: We lead in the field of combatting child sex abuse.

Meet the team

Our team of dedicated staff is here to help you.

Board of Trustees

James Worron | Chair
Sharon Clint | Vice Chair
David Richards | Treasurer
Tessa Cole | Trustee
Suneer Fida | Trustee
Madhu Bedhan | Trustee
Sechi Khailasa | Trustee
Matthew Bradley | Trustee


Becky Booth | Chief Executive
Leona | Clinical Services Manager
Chrissie | Volunteer Manager
Michelle | Volunteer Manager
Wendy | Helpline Manager
Danielle | Training Manager
Tracy | Play Therapist
Claire | Sibling Play Therapist 
Safo | Helpline Officer & Administrator

“You were the only ones that understood what I was going through. You knew all the technical details of what I was dealing with and were able to guide me through.”

Mosac relies entirely on grants and charitable donations to support non-abusing members of families from across the UK who have been impacted by child sexual abuse

We offer life-changing services to support the non-abusing parents and carers of children that have been sexually abused. If you’d like to help us continue to offer these services, please make a donation.
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