Play therapy

Play therapy gives children the opportunity to make sense of their traumatic and confusing experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

To access this service, please call our free national helpline: 0800 980 1958.

Lines are open daily from 10am to 2pm (Monday, Thursday and Friday) and 10am to 6pm (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Supporting Children through Play

After experiencing sexual abuse, your child—whatever their age—may have feelings that are difficult for them to understand and cope with. They may feel responsible for and/or angry about what has happened to them, they can feel guilty and confused, and they may fear what will happen next. 

Our play therapy service is free and open to children aged between 4–16 whose parent(s) or carer(s) are engaging in their own counselling process with us. We understand that sexual abuse can impact the whole family—so we can now also offer play therapy to any siblings that may have been directly or indirectly affected.

Play is children’s natural language and communication. Mosac’s Play therapy involves:

• Play and various creative arts materials are used to help children explore their emotional, social, physical, sexual and psychological self
• The children directing the sessions in their own way and at their own pace with the support of a specialised play therapist
• Older children/teenagers engaging in talking therapy if they wish to and also the creative arts and materials if they feel comfortable to do so

The service runs for around 20 sessions and takes place weekly during school term time.

Filial play therapy

We also offer Filial play therapy. In this service, a play therapist will work with a parent or carer to teach them how to provide non-directive play sessions at home. Through these sessions, families can gain a closer and deeper understanding of each other to help move forwards together. Working together through these difficult feelings can help parents and carers provide a space for their children where they feel safe, accepted and understood.

To book a free session, or find out more about our play therapy, please call our helpline.

“I can truly say that Mosac’s support through counselling sessions for myself, play therapy for my child and one-to-one Filial play therapy sessions, has changed our lives forever.”

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